Our Judges

Jeffrey Felisicimo

One of the most popular and knowledgeable dancers in the HipHop industry. Jeffrey is highly instrumental to the development of the Streetdance competition scene with years of experience performing, teaching and judging. He has regularly performed with JLS/ Aston Merrigold and Little Mix and has endless experience dancing for various artists including Girls Aloud, Rita Ora, Cheryl Cole, Professor Green to name a few. He has been part of many well known crews including Britain’s Got Talent finalist team ‘Flawless’, Boy Blue in the Five and A Team/ Animaineax.

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Stephanie Venus Sit (Lady Venus)

A firm favourite at Hip Hop UK street dance events. Stephanie has danced with many artists all over the world including Madonna, Natalie Imbruglia & Lady Gaga. She specialises is waacking dance and has trained in New York with some of the origional ‘Soul Train’ dancers and Waackers. She was assistant choreographer on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and has worked on ‘Got to Dance’ and Americas Best Dance Crew.  She is a member of the famous ‘Waacktitioners and ‘Obsidian’ waacking crews.

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Isaac Baptiste AKA Turbo

One of the most popular Hiphop dancers & teachers in the UK! Well known for his insane dance ability and crazy personality. Finalist on Sky1s Got to Dance and a pioneer in house dance and its development.

His credits include appearances in music videos for Madonna, Jamelia, Will Smith, Mis-teeq, Shaznay Lewis and he has also been a backing dancer for Whitney Houston!

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